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2003-11-16 | 11:08 p.m.

it was clear that bell peppers didn't agree with corduroy licorice, so he decided to quit arguing the point with them.


cool magazine alert:

tokion is off the chains and ish. my homie gave me a subscription as a present and it delivers cool design work and interesting interviews direct to my mailbox. here's an excerpt from the current issue. it's a quote from stuart murdoch of belle and sebastian talking about his bandmate's wish to make movies:

"stevie wants to make a war film. he thinks it would be really quite funny if we were all in it. it'll probably be a film about desertion, then."


good album alert:

elvis costello must've learned a thing or two from hanging out with burt bacharach, because e.c.'s new album north is heartachingly romantic and bittersweetly lush and hushed. just hearing a few notes of some of the tunes makes me mist up. i guess that krall chick has him on swoon overdrive. good for her and me.


i slept sunday away. part of it in a nap on my couch with the afternoon sun quilting a little square of autumn light on my shoulder.

i've often noticed my neighbor's cat snoozing in a spot of sunlight and been filled with envy.

"what a simple life that animal has," i've thought. "i wish my life was that easy."

then i remember that the cat has to eat the same food for every meal and i snap out of it. but on sunday i got to indulge in the feline solar soak and almost had to purr.

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