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2001-02-16 | 11:37 pm

torrez rocks in many ways. first, he is a good friend. second, he told me about diaryland and encouraged me to write here. third, he is a kick-ass writer.

proven has let his personal web stuff hibernate while he pursues other ventures, like his own hip-hop group and building a kick-ass career, but just read his archives for some bangin', word-a-matic, shonuff damn fine comedy riffs. i had the pleasure of meeting him in person when i went to nyc and he is as nice as sassafras pie and as cool as a playground spool.

23 dreams
my homie is an amazing designer and her site is one of the most beautifully reflective works i've ever seen.

kuinileti was one of the first to send me e-encouragement about my journal...a veritable diaryland welcoming committee...and that meant a lot. she puts a lot of heart into her writing, not to mention sassiness.

baggage is a cool friend of mine from way back in the day. he is a rock star in his own right, plays guitar like a mofo and writes an interesting take on life.

right angle
she doesn't update often, but this girl serves up acidic wit with a smile.

snuffy writes hard stuff, so don't go here looking for an easy ride. he's kinda my personal henry rollins.

gray area
dreamy writing and lyrical phrasing by a sweetheart of a gal

dan sometimes confuses me with his intellectual brew, but he knows about cool stuff and writes a mean e-mail.

ultrasparky is a super cool brooklynite who i got to meet at his birthday bash in the famed rumpus room. he sparkles with niceness and cuteness and sweetness!

loobylu illustrates like nobody's business. you'll be charmed, i'm sure.

pink is good
animations and illustrations that show how fun it is to be a girl!

rhetoric is damn near the most kind fella in the contiguous united states. plus, he writes with his heart. and he bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.

a funny bloke from across the pond. his library stories are a hoot.

winner of my annual smart-ass award, this boy can throw down on the wit tip.

daysleeper is a philosopher and practical dreamer who traces out his life thoughtfully and poignantly.

left-of-center thinking which is always refreshing, not to mention grin-inspiring.

no sleep 'til brooklyn! another smooth read.

future bird
a heart of art and a soul who's searching

he's cookin' with gas in the kitchen and in his writing. plus, he digs aimee mann. say no more.

ate whips out smart and charming writing, plus has a killer eye for design. no wonder grim loves her! huzzah!

as charming as heck and a wordsmith extraordinaire. no wonder outbox loves him!

damn, this girl can write! she digs in fearlessy 'til the keyboard bleeds with pure emotion, plus she's a hell of a lotta fun to read.

an enigma in a london fog coat who likes to turn life over and examine it from all angles. i got to meet him, too! and he can rap like nobody's business, yo.

sesame/soy boy
this fellar cracks me up somethun' serious. a total freak, but in a good way.

eyebrow-raising anarchy with a eurorail pass.

what can i say about this monster of rock that he hasn't already said about himself? just kidding. he inspired girlboy with his touching "i would like a girl..." list, plus he is a wacky and dern funny writer.

think max in "rushmore." i think he's abandoned his diary, but this guy is supah cool, i tell ya. plus, he's not a fictional character! i miss his e-mails.

this sweet girl spins a dreamy web of words and colors. plus, i've gotten to enjoy sushi and karaoke with her.

sari sari
a fun online magazine that's starting to get some buzz.

good at art and super smart, andy is gonna take the world by storm. i got to kick it with him and proven at ultrasparky's party and all three fellas wow me with their talent and kindness.

i can't say enough nice things about this wonderful lad. his writing springs off the page and slaps you happy with positive energy and whipsmart words and humor. i've had the pleasure of hanging out with him, too. now that is the epitome of cool, believe me!

there is a disturbance in the force in hoboken. a twisted, but darkly funny read. for bong humor fans everywhere.

the kenny
the kenny is one of the nicest fellas you could ever meet and his charm shines through in his writing.

r-hand fem
r-hand fem is a sweetheart of a gal and shares interesting peaks at life on a real-life ranch with biting horses and more!

damn funny girl.

ms. dezine
ms. dezine is learning as she goes and sharing her hopeful smile and words with the world.

scuba gal
scuba gal has bowed out from journal world for awhile, but her archives are full of romantic, watercolor thoughts.

this chick is freaking cool. to quote the talk show intros, she is lovely and talented...not to mention incredibly sweet and wicked in a very good way.

a side of sass to go with some meaty writing chops. plus, she helped me discover iota. for that i'll always be grateful!

*hee* wow! i love her bon mots and cute-as-a-button design. if i could pinch her cheeks, i would.

molly's funny and fun to read. what more could you want? ok, yes. a pastrami sandwich would be nice, too. ok, ok, and a pickle. geez!

bologna 36
i will never look at movie theater employees the same way again. bologna 36 is tasty lunchmeat for the mind. his take on how the professor on gilligan's island got the shaft cracked me up in a serious way.

penny wiggles
iota-like and sweet, plus a cute little sheep!

shaela cat
shaela cat is a charming girl who is coming into her own, both in her writing and her life.

hilarity and heart served fresh. when she told about picking out valentine's cards to cheer up some old folks at a rest home, she earned a permanent place in my admiration hall of fame.

great writing and darling illustrations..

tv zero
tvzero is a bastion of pop culture trivia and writes about his life with a pint of heart and humor followed by a shot of wry and bitters. plus, he's a good buddy, 10-4.

girlboy is my offspring, and i'm a pround parental unit. it's a collection of lists of what boys and girls want in boys and girls.

the designer of my site layout and look. does she not rule? she has a very cool page of her own, too, and writes as well as she arts.

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