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2003-09-28 | 10:36 p.m.

nothing made corduroy licorice's two-year-old niece laugh like she did when hitting his legs as if they were bongo drums. there was no denying it. she was a real knee-slapper.


it's been reported that french fry sales in the u.s. have dropped by approximately 15%. experts think it might be because americans are adopting healthier lifestyles.

i think it's more likely due to the fact that 15% of americans believe that french fries have ties to al-qaeda.


d-girl took me to see the new nicolas cage vehicle matchstick men this weekend. it was alright. kind of slick, with a fairly meaty twist. trouble is, i didn't really feel a connection to the characters. maybe it's just hard to feel warm and fuzzy towards con men, although robert redford and paul newman were pretty darn loveable in the sting, as were ryan o'neill and tatum in paper moon. those two movies prove the genre can be done better, but it wasn't a stinker or anything. decent. diverting.

this weekend, i also got to ham it up on the dance floor with p-girl and on the living room stage with the improv practicers. after those two events, there was no drama left for my mama. i somehow also managed to do three loads of laundry and have some hummus and hardy-har-hars with my sister and her beau. i guess a girl can have it all.

plus, in a handful of days, i'll be heading for new york for food, fun and fabulousness.

makes me wanna jump back and kiss myself.

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