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2003-09-30 | 11:12 p.m.

corduroy licorice and his brother liked to bet bread on their golf games instead of dough. the last time corduroy lost, he'd been just one slice short of a loaf.


this is tv zero's last week in our day job office. he is off to pursue his directorial and scribing dreams.

it seems like only yesterday when the faintest of guilty expressions flickered across his face as we spoke, clueing me in to the fact he was clandestinely reading this here journal of mine after coming across the link on another co-worker's computer. he later confessed very apologetically. then he joined our little diary neighborhood and the rest is history.

here's wishing you good luck and multi-series deals, tv.


some highlights from this week's harper's e-mail news report:

"the computer and communications industry association released a report warning that the government's growing reliance on microsoft operating systems and software was exposing federal computer networks to 'massive, cascading failures.' the author of the report was fired the next day by his employer, a consulting firm that does business with microsoft."

"the recording industry let it be known that it was promoting a 'stealing is bad' curriculum for the nation's schools that will include classes on the history of copyright and games such as starving artist, a role-playing game in which children pretend to be musicians who no longer receive royalties because their work has been copied on the internet."

"red lobster fired its chief executive after an all-you-can-eat crab promotion went horribly wrong."


i realized today that belinda carlisle was born at exactly the right moment in time.

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