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2004-10-03 | 10:47 p.m.

good evening and welcome to "nictate on the town" with your host, nictate.

how do celebrities spend their sundays? like regular people do, that's how.

for instance, former buffy the vampire slayer co-star and redhead of american wedding fame, alyson hannigan, was spotted today at a beachside farmer's market with two young gentleman.

"nictate on the town" was unable to make an i.d. on the fellows, but here's guessing one of them was her new hubby--make that real-life hubby, folks--not her on-screen spouse jason whatever-his-name-is. alyson, we're just sorry the organic market didn't sell any pie. thank you! hannigan looked cute, despite being sans make-up, and was overheard telling her compadres that she didn't want to queue up to order hot food since, "the line looks harsh."

now let's leave the stars of tv and film behind for a little musical industry mega-wattage.

if one were to muse about the most famous musician in the world, one might think of many names but how many could truly qualify as history-making icons?

and how many of those history-making icons would you expect to see pushing a baby stroller as his pretty blonde wife shopped for bath towels?

perhaps only one. and that history-making icon would be none other than mr. paul mccartney.

yes, "nictate on the town" was locating presents listed on a coworker's bridal registry in a major department store when she looked up to see an attractive man in a pink oxford shirt and grey-tinged hair pushing a stroller down the polished linoleum aisle.

one of the friggin' beatles, ladies and gentleman.

paul, if we may be so familiar, gave a friendly "hi" to a chubby 18-year-old who grinned at him with glazed-over eyes from her perch by a cash register. a few minutes later, when she worked up the nerve to head through kitchenware in search of an autograph, a security guard camoflaged in an hawaiian shirt calmly halted her hunt, saying, "please don't disturb them. i'm sorry."

let's just say "nictate on the town" was pleasantly surprised that a history-making icon of his stature would dare to rub elbows with the huddled masses of macys shoppers. just think of the moments of a lifetime contained within that man. the effect he had on those he passed was remarkable.

much like the guitar of legend, one of the older saleswomen gently weeped at the very sight of him. as nictate swiped her debit card, a 20ish shopgirl named susana bragged to her cowokers that the band had written a song featuring her name. a young salesman in our midst inquired if paul was the last living beatle. nictate, with her encyclopedic knowledge of music, was happy to reassure him that ringo was still alive and kicking.

by now susana was grinning up at the department store ceiling, in a reverie of sorts. she beamed as she said, "the beatles were big in the 1980s, when i was born!"

talk about a day tripper.

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