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2004-09-29 | 10:16 p.m.

i'm not a sports fan, but i find it ironic that a baseball player named milton bradley got kicked out of a game.


the online dating dude who i gave a political e-mail lecture to made the mistake of writing back a very condescending (and naive) response. i sent him a flaming arrow back and let's just say we won't be corresponding anymore.

the good thing that came out of it is that i got a chance to express how passionately i feel about this upcoming election. i figured i'd show off my dennis miller chops by posting the e-mail exchange.

he wrote:

hey nictate,
thanks for your honesty. i had a feeling the political question carried some weight, but it's really difficult to describe personal politics comprehensively, yet succintly in a single paragraph. by being turned off i didn't mean to imply that i'm disinterested or apathetic. i just try not to let politics influence my personal relationships (hey, look at carville & matlin).

so truth be told, i believe that the bush-hating bandwagon is basically driven by propoganda, as i did with the clinton conspirators. and for anyone to think that the president alone can greatly influence the economy has a lot to learn, just ask top economists. anyway, that's why we have congress, to limit the power of the president. civil liberties haven't changed, they're simply at the forefront of discussion (let's be honest, have our individual day-to-day lives really changed very much in the last 4 years?). so i can't agree with being staunchly democrat or republican; hence, i consider myself libertarian.

anyhoo, that's a little expansion on question #3. good luck to you in your endeavors as well.

then i wrote:

hey online dude-
thanks for your reply and thoughful consideration. i'm glad there was no apathy intended in your earlier reply.

just a couple of bones to pick. i realize this is a dating site, not a political forum, but you've got me fired up! feel free to delete at this point and read no further. it's just more political venting on my part.

i wanted to point out that i referred to the bush administration, not bush alone. i realize he is a figurehead in many ways. the people in his cabinet worry me much more than him alone. also, i didn't reference the economy--only the deficit, which has been greatly affected by this administration's policies.

i also think it's a little dangerous to think that just because our personal daily lives haven't been affected yet does not mean that they won't be in the next four years. the patriot act left an uncomfortable amount of wiggle room regarding personal liberties, as i understand it.

clearly, we've just got a different outlook on things--which is what this country is all about. hey, we've had our first argument and we never even made it to the first date.
take care,


he did get me on one point. i had no idea james carville dated marlee matlin.


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