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2003-12-21 | 7:55 p.m.

corduroy licorice arranged his support group's chairs in a square shape since he hated to talk in circles.


this weekend, a middle-aged man in a turban flirted with me by telling me how good his chicken curry was.

so this is dating in the late 30s.


rufus wainwright is a wonder. my friend p-girl and i saw him in concert last week and he put on a massively good show. count 'em, three standing ovations. what a voice and what a showman. he talked to the audience throughout, which i wish more performers would. it makes the crush stick better. and crush, i did. anyone who can make the lyric, "my phone's on vibrate for you" sound so flutteringly romantic has to have it goin' on. mkay?

he's funny, too. when someone shouted, "i love you, rufus!" he replied, "i love me, too. that's the problem."

too absolutely charming. too soaringly talented. all this and sharp observations on world politics? oh, ruffy. forget vibrate, you're off the hook!

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