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2003-12-17 | 10:38 p.m.

corduroy licorice asked his friend to take a photo of him expectorating. corduroy wanted to have a spitting image of himself.


from this week's harper's e-mail update:

"u.s. deputy defense secretary paul wolfowitz decreed that canada, germany, france, russia, and other nations that opposed the conquest of iraq will be ineligible for $18.6 billion in reconstruction contracts. the announcement was greeted with astonishment by the blacklisted countries; german chancellor gerhard schroeder said the blacklist might violate international law. 'international law?' the president responded. 'i better call my lawyer.'"

"canadian psychologists found that men are unable to think rationally when they see a beautiful woman."

"mick jagger accepted a knighthood; keith richards was disgusted and said it was a disgrace: 'it's not what the stones is about, is it?'"

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