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2003-08-25 | 12:21 a.m.

corduroy licorice knew a low-carb diet would help him lose weight, but it was hard for him to go against the grain.


cool band alert:

another great discovery via kcrw radio is the l.a. band the 88. fitting right into the smart pop genre that has been dominating my tastebuds the last couple of years, these dudes know how to throw down on the catchy, melodic tip. i dare anyone to try to remain seated and motionless while listening to their infectious tune called "sunday afternoon."

in some ways they remind me of one of my favorite bands the actual tigers, both in satisfying pop hooks and appealing vocals. listening to them is like eating kids' breakfast cereal--a guaranteed sugar rush that also delivers 12 essential vitamins and minerals.


"i buy a lot of stuff to fill the void."

that was how the typewriter-style font that was silkscreened on the tank top in the store window read.

boy, do i identify with that statement.

when i first saw the shirt i thought, "oh my gosh, i have to buy that!" then i realized, "um, oh. talk about irony plus 12 essential vitamins and minerals."

i realized something today after i told my friend c-girl that i had to go home and sort through a growing pile of stuff that has been sharecropping on my couch for weeks. i have been in an acquiring spiral that needs to stop. i've come to this conclusion before, but now i mean it! or something.

you see, for a compulsive shopper like me there are just too many tempting goodies in the city of angels' retail wonderland that are calling my name. i'm like a shopping shark. i'm afraid if i don't keep constantly moving from store to store, i'll miss out on something i can't live without.

my inner parent needs to ground my inner child for once. i should stay home more and relish all the funky fresh stuff i've already purchased. like the books i keep buying, but never read. or the cds i don't make time to savor. i've hunted and gathered my ass off. now it's time to bond with my booty and pillage no more. i know my bank account will heave a sigh of relief. i just hope my decision doesn't cause a downturn in the local economy.

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