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2003-04-23 | 11:23 p.m.

at his new job at the stationery store, corduroy licorice's boss ned told him to push the envelope purchases since ned owned a lickable adhesive company on the side.


i think seamus is a cool name.


i once heard that oprah said to keep a nightly journal recording the 5 good things that happened during each day. it's funny how it can make an ordinary day that just blurred by seem a bit more notable.

here's my 5 for today:

1. income tax return check finally arrived. it ain't huge, but it's all mine. i want to put it on my bed and roll around with it, but that's an indecent proposal and by no means do i want to be caught in bed with the federal government.

2. boffo burrito for lunch. all other forms of food pale in comparison to a burrito's tubular totalitarian tortilla satisfaction.

3. my boss's boss told me that i rock. he actually e-mailed, "you, my little friend, rock." which is even better.

4. bought two new CDs to expand musical universe.

5. got to talk to dreamy record store boy. and i do mean boy. he is probably shy of 25. a slim, sexy, shaggy-haired latino guy of the "y tu mama tambien" ilk who i have occasionally lusted over since spotting him a few years ago at the virgin megastore across town. his hips would probably fit easily into my junior high jeans, but i got to chat him up for the first time tonight.

i coyly asked, "didn't you used to work at the virgin megastore?"

"wow," he grinned at the cash register as he scanned in my cd purchase, obviously impressed with my memory skillz. "yeah. how've you been?" (pretty clever response covering the possibility that we might have actually spoken at some point.)

"ok. just spending more money on music. are you happier here?"

"well, i'm a happy guy," he mumbled into the side of his smile with ridiculously understated, libido-rumbling confidence. "but yeah, it's more mellow here. you know, the new radiohead album is coming out soon. i'm excited."

i thought he was just making small talk until i realized i was wearing my radiohead t-shirt. duh, self.

"oh yeah? have you heard it? is it good?"

"yeah, it is. trippy stuff."

i then regaled him with a brief rundown on my radiohead concert experiences as he handed me my bag and lamented that he'd never gotten to see them live.

"see you next time," oh gorgeous one said as i departed. i walked out into the chilly night charged with teen beat giddyness that made me feel about the age i was when i could fit into my junior high jeans.

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