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2003-01-20 | 10:51 p.m.

corduroy licorice loved the burgers at the local diner, but they had no great shakes.


dubya launched a missile at affirmative action last week and then today wrapped himself in the name of martin luther king, jr. and people called clinton a spinmeister.

in his previous speech, dubya criticized the university of michigan's racially conscious admissions program, describing it as "divisive" and said that it was unfair to all those seeking higher education via their own merits.

by the way, he pronounced "divisive" incorrectly. perhaps he was crowded out of phonics 101 by too many people of color?

at least martin luther king, jr. can rest in peace knowing that dubya has now made being wiretapped an equal right of all americans, regardless of race, creed or probable cause. being bugged: it's not just for civil rights leaders anymore!

and i can rest easier knowing that georgie jr. is alienating minority voters nationwide. it's the little things.

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