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2004-10-16 | 7:45 p.m.

today i was ping-ponging around town to find the pieces for my halloween costume. after a strong run of spook day get-ups, from britney spears to mary catherine gallagher, i decided 2004 would be the year of paris hilton.

from the blushing mauve ruffled skirt to the jelly pink slide-on heels, everything came together so perfectly, it felt like divine intervention. but something tells me the big guy upstairs doesn't do costume consultations.

it was fun to browse the displays of second-hand stores, eyeballing for the shade of pink in its many permutations. more than once i pulled a garment from the rack for a scan and then thought, "oh, no. paris would never wear that!"

i heard that conan o'brien did a joke about the second secret video of her bedroom hijinks that just came out. he said that when asked why she made another tape, ms. hilton replied: "i just felt like the first one left a lot of unanswered questions."


are those wedding bells i hear? why, yes! happy nuptials to the divine miss (soon to be mrs.) malice. hugs, kisses and huzzahs!

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