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2004-08-14 | 12:04 a.m.

nictate: take two

how do you do?

i figured i couldn't stay away forever. like a-d-d-chick, i felt the need to write again because change is on the way.

i don't know what change that is, but i can feel it in the air about me.

it's like i'm waking up after a too-long nap. more and more i realize that life is a series of awakenings--some harsh, some heady.

i've always had a hard time waking up--ever since grade school when my mom had to sit on the edge of my twin bed and sing, "good morning, merry sunshine" to me until i threw my '70s marimekko floral sheets back in pouty annoyance and pinballed down the hallway, zigging from wall to wall, in a sticky-eyed stupor.

so this latest existential awakening was no easier. i've been hitting the snooze on it for about two years and bouncing between life's walls like a mole on a bender.

but now the semi-sweet wooze of semi-consciousness is becoming smothering. the soothing safeness of that state has become suffocating. i'm pushing it off like a stale winter coat.

good morning, merry sunshine.

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