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2003-02-27 | 10:32 p.m.

corduroy licorice enjoyed playing musical chairs. not every chair can produce a song, you know, but corduroy could spot the ones that could a mile away. and if anyone knew how to play a chair, it was corduroy.


my friend d-girl who knows a lot about astrology told me that the reason the world seems so off-kilter lately is that there is a moon wobble. it's supposed to create all kinds of disturbances in the world: odd weather patterns, freak events, etc. this moon wobble is set to end on march 18.

i only dabble in astrology. i like to read my horoscope sometimes, although lately they've been downers ("prepare for another roller-coaster month..." harumph. how about a ride down the tunnel of love, mr. zodiac amusement park analoger?).

whenever i'm interested in a new fellow, i'll read about his sign to see if we're compatible. it's just kind of fun to think that the zodiac signs have some relation to personalities, fate, etc., but i can't tell you how much i like the idea of blaming the recent gathering of gray clouds in my personal life on a wobbly moon. it's even nicer to have an end date for the wobble. if i can keep a low profile until just after st. patrick's day, i'll be blarney stone cold chillin'.

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