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2004-11-15 | 12:53 a.m.

even though the stores are putting out their christmas stuff at an obnoxiously early point this year, i'm definitely in the holiday mood.

i remember the last few years, the mood lagged and dragged in me until the last-minute rush. i guess all the bad news this year (iraq and reelection) has me looking forward to the familiar comfort of ritual that holidays bring.

bring on the roasted chestnuts and waxy holly, baby.

who you calling ho, ho, ho?


tonight i was talking to my mom on the phone about an old love interest who i had once thought had potential and why it was good things had never progressed.

i told her although the odds were against it from the get-go, i was hopeful because the situation that brought us together was "sooo romantic."

my mom let out a little smiley sigh and said, sympathetically, "oh, nictate..." (as in, "you'll never learn to be practical in matters of the heart, will you, you sweet thing, you?"

well-unsaid, mother. well-unsaid.

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