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2004-11-11 | 10:32 p.m.

apologies to los angeles for the bashing i gave it in my last entry. i really do enjoy it here most of the time. there are amazing things about the city of angels--like the gorgeously ornate movie palaces downtown, the thriving multicultural population, and--did i mention the burritos and the weather?

but one thing l.a. can't match new york on is bakeries that stay open past 6 p.m. my nyc connection took me to magnolia bakery in greenwich village, which stays open late even on sunday night. it sports a line out the door of people jonesin' to partake of their world-famous cupcakes.

this place is so happening, there is a person at the door who regulates how many people can enter the bakery at a time. on the night we went, the crowd controller was a slim redhead in an apron wearing a grim expression on her face as she asked gruffly, "how many? two? are you here for cupcakes? ok, go in."

a bakery with a bouncer. now that's bitchin'.

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