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2004-11-08 | 10:01 p.m.

i flew back from new york today after a wickedly fun/delightfully indulgent trip over the weekend. i have to say i have a love affair with that city. sometimes i wonder what would've happened if i married it, but the timing never seemed right for us. don't get me wrong, i would give my left nut to live there.

being from l.a., i am always comparing the two cities.

new york - glorious, awe-inspiring
los angeles - a few nice adobe 3-bedrooms

new york - pure palate pleasure
los angeles - the burritos are good

new york - tailored genius
los angeles - thongs (both kinds) in every shade

new york - mostly very friendly and "real," despite their reputation
los angeles - mostly me-first asses and fake, true to their reputation

pretty much, l.a.'s only advantages are the weather and the burritos. so far, it's enough to keep me here. i guess i'm appropriately shallow for my zip code.

speaking of being shallow--while waiting for the plane to take-off, i noticed that i have very shapely thumbs. my fingers ain't so pretty, but my thumbs could stop traffic.

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