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2004-11-03 | 9:55 p.m.

dear citizens of the world,
i apologize. if ignorance is bliss, then this country is bursting at the seams with some crazy-ass blissful voters.

the u.s. just took a giant step to the right and that's never been our good side. never mind the unilateral cowboys in charge who are trying to hog-tie the world, we american types must now prepare for faith-based preemptive strikes on freedoms of all kinds: religion, speech, choice.

this weekend, i'll be flying to new york to visit my homie. every time i speed across the country i'm amazed by how large that "middle part" is that i often don't think about. all those red states. what an appropriate shade--the color of alarm, danger, embarassment and bloodshed. i'll be having different thoughts about the middle during this trip--some of which will involve my middle finger.

while in nyc, i'm going to pay my first visit to the statue of liberty. i figure i'm long overdue. not only have those who gave her to us taken a sophomoric beating after they wisely pushed back on the iraq attack, i have a somber feeling that the best days of what the statue represents are behind us. if lady liberty could have ever used a shout out, it's now. and if i ever could have used the inspiration she was meant to provide, it's now.
sincerely yours,


i quite like the bracingly honest take that md'a had on the day after, too. (he's not just for movie reviews anymore.)

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