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2004-11-03 | 1:01 a.m.

as i write this, there is the skinniest of hopes that kerry might have a chance. i have heard so many threaten to move to canada if bush is re-elected.

as my political pin says: "bush: let's not elect him this time either."

i amazed at the way the news anchor people are sounding happy about the bush lead. after watching the great documentary "outfoxed," i'm even more aware of the lack of objectivity in our news media. i only watched about an hour of the election coverage on two different channels, but was amazed at the way the commentary pundits almost spit out the word "lawyers" when referring to kerry's strategy to make sure all the votes in ohio count.

so using legal means to make sure every vote is counted--especially after the national outcry over the florida voting scandal--is worthy of disdain, but sending republican representatives to the polls trying to discredit voters' eligibility is laudable? makes me want to pull an elaine shoulder shove and yell, "get out!" to those smirking, talking heads.

there were a few highlights for me on this election day. the first was hearing the usually bellicose rush limbaugh sounding nervous as he tried to spin poll results. awesome.

another was when a guy at work who has been flaunting his bush support like a baboon's pink butt in the faces of all the kerry supporters around him got a hat trick of bad news this a.m.: his sister told him she voted for kerry in her home state of florida after seeing "farenheit 9/11." awesome times two.

another was when i was at the polls voting and overheard a man with a thick, middle-eastern accent asking if they were giving away flags to those who voted. he asked something along the lines of did a person have to vote for a certain candidate to get a free flag.

a wide retiree in a white sweatshirt, blonde bob and coke bottle glasses who sat behind the volunteer desk slowly shook her head at him in reply and spoke through her thick, pink-glossed lips as if addressing a three-year-old:

"nooooo, the flag is for ev-ree-body."

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