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2004-09-26 | 10:30 p.m.

what's the opposite of the cutting edge?

'cause that's where i am when it comes to being tuned in to the brilliance of comedic genius ali g. i had no idea of the hilarity he's been perpetrating upon the airwaves until my friend p-girl loaned me the first season on dvd. much respekt to the improv master--the pimp daddy of hoisting the pompous by their own petards, no doubt.

like when he interviewed the dea agent and pointed out that x was a danger since it makes people "dance like pricks." or when he pitched his ice cream gloves that protect hands from meltdown to the businesswoman, explaining that the target market for the product was people who like ice cream and have hands. or when he asked buzz aldrin how he responds to conspiracy theorists who say there is no moon. ahh.

big ups, ali g. big ups to thee.


i just discovered that even in dating, i'm a democrat. in getting to know an online dating site guy via e-mail, i asked him who he'd be voting for in november.

his response surprised me, in a bad way:

"undecided. i'm basically libertarian and very turned off by our political process and the games played by the GOP and dems. i say live and let live!"

ugh. deal-breaker, big time. so i laid down the law in my reply:

"i can understand being disillusioned with our political system, but the fact that you can feel undecided at this point looking at what the bush administration has done to national security, our standing in the world, our troops, our federal deficit and the environment, i find it hard to believe it's not a clear choice for change--even though i freely admit kerry hasn't given a strong vision for the future or what he stands for. i really need to date along democratic lines, as silly as that might sound, since i don't want to have major ideological differences with the bloke i'm seeing."

look at it this way, he'll be relieved to be done with the crazy redhead and i've done my part to shake a laissez-faire dolt a little more awake.

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