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2004-09-18 | 11:40 p.m.

i had a carrie bradshaw moment the other day with the thought:

men want to get into women's drawers--as in "getting some."

women want to get into men's drawers--as in getting real estate for their gear at his place.

both involve making it to home base.


on saturday, i noticed a homeless man with a cardboard sign begging for money as i ducked into a bookstore. it was pretty obvious from his rambling monologue and herky-jerky movements that he was mentally ill.

tall, in a navy blue velveteen jacket, he'd step toward people as they passed asking for alms.

after i bought my magazine and zine from the cashier, i figured i'd pull out a single for the velveteen vagrant outside.

one dollar. hmm. seemed chintsy for charity. ok, a fiver. that'll at least buy him a fast food meal.

i walked outside and handed him the five dollar bill. he grinned at me widely and began his thank you speech:

"bless you. that was given from the heart and you will be blessed by it. maybe you will get...high power... or..."

it was clear he was revved up and having trouble keeping his train of thought. i tried to be patient, smiling at him as i focused in on the place where two of his bottom teeth should have been.

finally, he gave up hope of catching the train:

" will...well...have a nice day!"

good enough for me.

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