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2004-09-14 | 10:59 p.m.

there was no murmuring of mantras or burning of sage, but there was a dumping of the candy and chocolate stash to mark the beginning of the ides of september: i'd better eat better; i'd better not have secret sweets within arm's reach; i'd better not kid myself that calorie intake is unrelated to weight, etc.


today on one of those nerdy national public radio game shows where erudite types show off their crackerjack wit and grasp of obscure vocabulary words, i found out that the word "posh" (according to some) came from the phrase "port out, starboard home."

the cabins on mid-19th century passenger ships between england and india supposedly distinguished the more desirable land view cabins (coming and going) with the acronym "POSH." might be a whole lot of hooey, but i like that explanation.

in my next entry, we will discuss the etymological origins of the words "baby," "scary, "ginger" and "sporty."

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