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2004-08-22 | 10:54 p.m.

i had a dream about desert storm last night.

i was in a restaurant with friends and he came in with two fellows and plopped down at a table directly opposite me. once he realized i was there, he made a silly face to make me laugh and then exited post haste--never to return.

last week i was thinking of one of the most romantic things desert storm ever said to me:

"your face gives me hope."

pretty smooth, aye? of course, that issued from the same mouth as the only-half-joking sentiment:

"honey, the only way you should ever gain weight is to get breast implants."

glad i woke up from that one.


good music alert:

beach parking lot pop from blue eyed son. the irresistible song "self-fulfilling prophecy" has become soldered onto my cerebral cortex--not as painful as it sounds. this is the album i wanted the thrills' "so much for the city" to be.

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