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2004-04-20 | 11:07 p.m.

corduroy licorice and his date decided to spend their rainy date night inside drinking wine. when he asked her what kind of red she'd like to sip, she replied that any port in a storm would do.


the times they are a'changin'.

i mean, if leathered, weathered, tongue-tethered bob dylan is the glowering celebrity sex symbol that victoria's secret sees fit to use in their advertising, times must really be a'changin'.

that casting choice makes the madonna/missy E marketing match-up pale in patheticness.


tuesday night i had dinner with three girlfriends who i have known for approximately eight years. eight years! i believe this was the first meal we shared where vino was not imbibed, along with some greazy appetizers and a shared, yet still sinful, dessert.

two are teetotaling as practice for possible upcoming maternity mode and the other was watching calories in order to look her best for an upcoming run-in with a significant ex. i figured i'd follow in their healthier footsteps, but couldn't help but mock pout about the restrictive regimen.

i had to wonder (wink to sjp), "is this what getting older is like? is spartan living all that lies ahead? or is it a sign of maturity that we realize the price to be paid for overindulgence and have decided to be both penny and pound wise?"

then i realized change isn't so bad. change keeps things from getting boring. change keeps our motors running and our metabolisms guessing.

speaking of change, i think tomorrow's nictate entry might be my last. it'll be the perfect four-year anniversary of my very first entry. 4/21/04.

i've threatened to quit before, if only to myself, but i find i have less and less time to compose and less and less inspiration to draw upon. i think the salad days are behind me--i mean as far as diaryland, not dining.

it feels like it's time for a change. believe me, i'll miss having the bully pulpit and the feedback and community and friends that this amazing site has brought my way.

oh, i'll still be dropping in for visits to read my diaryland favorites. it'll be sad and leave a bit of an empty feeling. like departing a restaurant without the waiter imparting dessert. but the times they are a'changin', so maybe i should be, too.

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