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2004-04-04 | 10:53 p.m.

as a massage therapist in training, corduroy licorice was determined to work his way from the bottom up--although his mentor instructed him that starting with the shoulders was a more commonly accepted approach.


this weekend my forklift-dodging neighbor complimented my perfume as we passed in the hallway: "boy, you sure smell better than my sister's dogs that i was just walking."



movie review

the korean film spring, summer, autumn, winter...and spring is minimalist, mystical, metaphorical and moving. while some of the acting was lacking and the production value was uneven, writer/director ki-duk kim has created a thoughtful meditation on the cycle of life and learning. yeong-su oh is the emotional center of the film as an old monk who tries to mold a young boy into a man as they carry out their quiet lives upon and around a floating pagoda.

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