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2004-03-28 | 11:54 p.m.

when his mom would walk in unannounced on poker night, corduroy licorice liked to cover his bets with whatever he could grab in time--whether it be a napkin or a bowl of beernuts.


maybe i saw it first on some "separated at birth" segment, but condi rice is starting to look more and more (and act more and more) like the grinch who stole christmas. the vintage version, not the jim carrey update.

speaking of jim carrey, he gave an impressive performance (with the exception of a couple of baby talk moments) in the funny, thought-provoking eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, as did his co-star kate winslet.

about halfway through the film, i started getting worn out by all the harried, mind-warping machinations of the plot, but by the end i was won over by the romance of it all. despite the high-concept hi-jinks that writer charlie kaufman is famous for, he and director michel gondry did a great job of giving the movie a sweet heart.

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