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2004-03-14 | 10:42 p.m.

when some british bluebloods visited corduroy licorice's town, his family was asked by the tour group leader if they'd put up their dukes in the licorice's guest room.


i think pablo's made a good point with his theory of self-agnosticism.


music review

beulah has a new album out called "yoko" that's full of smart, milkshake-thick pop with an occasional hook or slightly jaded lyric that'll goose ya out of your hammock.


lisa simpson to homer as he cuts into an untouched wedding cake:

"dad! the bride and the groom are supposed to be the first ones to cut the cake!"

"oh, lisa, that's just silly superstition."

homer to bus driver otto's bride who has just been left at the altar:

"if i was you, i'd change out of that dress in about 15 minutes--or you're gonna start looking cra-zy."

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