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2004-03-08 | 10:53 p.m.

corduroy licorice admitted that his favorite deli made lousy salads, but insisted that you couldn't beat the meat there.


i'm twisted up in the game about this howard stern censorship issue. some people say that miss jackson's mammary tissue set off the domino effect of newly renewed victorian values, but coincidently stern started bad-mouthing bush (after having been a supporter) about two weeks before clear channel took his show off the air.

turns out the ceo of clear channel is very good friend of dubya. gives a girl a real bad feeling and starts her wondering if our commander in chief wanted to capture saddam to punish him for being a cruel dictator who the u.s. had tired of or was it to get pointers on how to run a totalitarian government?

i read an article on the matter that said if al franken's book is in the top 25, we don't need to worry about freedom of speech being threatened in america. i beg to differ. holding a book is a lot different than holding an office.

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