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2004-02-19 | 11:54 p.m.

cordoroy licorice was worried about drug screening at his new job. he knew they wouldn't detect pot in his system, but he was afraid he wouldn't pass the acid test.


the ever-delightful malice is right, as per usual. arrested development is a hilarious tv show. it is twisted, subversive and brillianty written and acted. i still can't believe it's on a network. catch it on fox's "laugh out loud" sunday line-up, won't you now?


best animated film of the year with only one line of dialogue: the triplets of belleville. very euro, very painterly, very sweet.


best corny e-mail joke forwarded by my parents in the last six months:

a woman walks up behind her husband and clobbers him on the head with a frying pan.

"what was that for?" he yowls in pain.

"i found this piece of paper in your pocket with a woman's name on it. who is mary jo?"

"oh, don't be ridiculous. that's just the name of the horse harvey told me to bet on last week."

the wife apologizes profusely.

cut to one week later. the wife comes up behind her husband again and whacks him in the crown with her fry pan.

"geez! what gives?!" he squeals, clutching his head.

"your horse just called."

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