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2004-02-10 | 10:31 p.m.

corduroy licorice wanted to floss his teeth, but he was out of reach.


a quote in honor of valentine's day:

"courtship consists in a number of quiet attentions, not so pointed as to alarm, nor so vague as not to be understood."
- laurence sterne


from harper's weekly e-mails:

"an american airlines pilot on a flight from los angeles to new york asked christians to raise their hands and told non-christians that they were crazy."

"it was revealed that two male chinstrap penguins in new york's central park zoo have been homosexual lovers for years. they once tried to hatch a rock, and when their keeper gave them a fertile egg to hatch 'they did a great job' raising the chick."

a quote from dubya:
"saddam hussein was dangerous with weapons. saddam hussein was dangerous with the ability to make weapons. i believe it is essential that when we see a threat, we deal with those threats before they become imminent. it's too late if they become imminent."


it's official. i'm obsessed with sub pop's latest hot shots the shins. i just got to see them live and the soaring, sweet vocals of james mercer and the six-pack-abs-tightness of their perfect pop hooks gave me a heartful of hope, as does their genius album called "chutes too narrow." do pick it up, if you get a chance.

in order to truly obsess, i had to do some online catching up and found this funny quote from anglophile mercer:

"i read in john keats or someone, one of the romantic poets, that long ago they believed that the gall bladder created melancholy--and that only the british had that organ."

in case you are suffering from a case of melancholia, no need to have your gall bladder removed. just admister the shins, prn.

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