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2004-02-03 | 11:02 p.m.

corduroy licorice was so into his girlfriend that he wanted to experience everything she did, even when they weren't together. he decided to start with hearing everything she was hearing, so he put a bug in her ear.


recently quoted in entertainment weekly:

"the only petitions that i sign are to bring back canceled sitcoms, thank you. america needs the wisdom of herman's head now more than ever."
- comic book guy, the simpsons


it's quite alarming to see how a bit of mass-marketed, metal-shrouded mammary gland can send millions of americans into fevered fits of titillation or arbitration.

i don't know why folks were making such a fuss over janet's boobage when the biggest nipple of the evening was dancing next to her onstage.

funny. you'd think people would be used to justin ripping off a jackson by now.

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