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2004-01-28 | 11:53 p.m.

if corduroy licorice was ever to pick a fight with one of the major food groups, he predicted that he'd probably go against the grain.


oscar quips

quoted from posted on the day the oscar nominations were announced:

"attention all employees of miramax! i suggest that your ass calls in sick this morning, cuz harv is gonna be PISSED! this morning's oscar nominations left 'cold mountain' out, well, in the cold ... puns revealed!

"i'm fairly certain that mr. weinstein will not be doing backflips down the streets of tribeca over that cinematography nod, yo."

and from

"and of course: cold mountain and nicole kidman brutally snubbed. guess she misses her fake virginia woolf nose now."

ed. note: i still think nicole is "one of our most important actresses" and "really to be admired for tapping lenny kravitz's ass," but a good joke is a good joke.***

so, yes. many good surprises in the academy award nominations this year. just when i thought it was going to be dominated by "shrink-wrapped for oscar consumption" pics like cold mountain and the last samurai.

sweet treats like best actor nominations for johnny depp and bill murray need to be savored like the all-day lollipops they are. and hooray for lost in translation getting licked up and down in such a brand-new kitten kind of way. hearty pats on the back for young miss keisha castle hughes for getting recognized for her magnificent work in whale rider. and feliz nomination-idad for the director of the brilliant city of god, fernando meireille. me likey. god bless screener tapes.


in personal news, i've decided to break up with gym crush guy. on wednesday night, we spent more quality time than ever together, working out side-by-side on next-door-to-each-other machines an unprecedented three times. we even passed within two feet of each other walking across the gym and he ignored me in a much less seductive way than he has over the past few weeks. time has come to face facts. it's just not happening for the two of us.

i don't know why it ended like this. was it something i said? evidently not, since we have never spoken. we had had it before "hello."

has our fast-forward, fast-food world driven us all to such a fever pitch of activity that relationships can actually implode before they even exist? duh!

please know this: i have absolutely no regrets. we both are leaving this pairing with what we brought into it, $1 rental fee gym towels and all. it will be hard to ignore him more than i already was, but time will heal and i'll find a way.

tomorrow, i'll just put one foot in front of the other and walk and walk until i don't even think about my feet moving anymore. and pretty soon, i'll be working out like no one's watching. because he still isn't. anymore.

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