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2003-12-01 | 12:48 a.m.

corduroy licorice could really hold his liquor. as long as he wasn't drinking it. when imbibing, he would accidently drop half-full glasses of gin and tonic right and left.


movie review:

i finally saw the jane campion movie an angel at my table. while i found it tremendously moving and kerry fox's performance (as well as the children who played younger versions of the lead character) delightful, i'm not sure why it got so many reviewers worked up into a "top ten" list foam the year it came out.

maybe it had to do with the other films out that year, or maybe at that time it was ground-breaking. i found the choppy editing and its resulting "the audience will catch on soon enough" moments confusing enough to diminish my enjoyment. overall, sadly sweet as only true stories about extreme introverts who are misdiagnosed as schizophrenics can be.


this year's thanksgiving dinner was held at my sister's boyfriend's friend's home. how's that for a parade of apostrophes?

the friend in question was away on vacation at the time, so there ended up being seven of us preparing and consuming a meal in a home in which none of us resided. kinda like celebrating a holiday on a movie set.

my sister's boyfriend's mom was part of the festivities. my mom, who had met his mom previously, reassured me that my sister's possible future mother-in-law was "very easy to talk to." after conversating with said s.p.f.m.i.l., i found her not so much "easy to talk to" as "hard to shut up."

aww, she warn't all that bad, just as stuffed with stories as the turkey was with breading. no harm, no fowl.

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