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2003-10-22 | 11:40 p.m.

corduroy licorice enjoyed playing little jokes on his pet chihuahua. sometimes he'd spend the whole evening putting on the dog.


a sad goodbye to elliott smith. may he rest in peace.

what a shame to lose such a gentle, intelligent and supremely talented person. i'm sorry he suffered, but i'm grateful that his gift could be shared as long as it was.

i came across some insightful quotes from interviews with him featured on that i wanted to share.

when asked about the long lapse between releases after his figure 8 album:

"i don't really think of time off as writing blocks. i think that's a western notion of demonizing inactivity. when your imagination decides it needs to take a nap, then maybe that's what it needs to do."

when asked how he felt about being labeled as a maker of sad music:

"the 'depressing' thing is a superficial tag," he said. "everybody gets a tag. if you listen to a velvet underground record, you don't think, 'godfathers of punk.' you just think, 'this sounds great.' the tags are there in order to help try to sell something by giving it a name that's going to stick in somebody's memory. but it doesn't describe it. so 'depressing' isn't a word i would use to describe my music. but there is some sadness in it -- there has to be, so that the happiness in it will matter."

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