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2003-10-06 | 8:40 p.m.

corduroy licorice got a job delivering sheet music to the local symphony's musicians. unfortunately, he forgot to give three sheets to the wind section. boy, was the conductor pissed.


new york was fabulous, as you might have suspected. my in-the-know homie took me all over town to make sure we sampled all the best boutiques and restaurants--quite an undertaking! i've perambulated less in charity walkathons.

from world famous pizza to sugar rush cupcakes, pink peppercorn ice cream to woozy wines, my palate got good and spoiled. those new yorkers really know how to eat, i tell you what.

we also got to hang out with my homie's super smart and sweet boyfriend who wowed us with his articulate grasp of...everything...and cracked me up with his line: "there's a little perverted duck in all of us."

there were also some star sightings: daryl hannah trying on a strappy black concoction, sonia braga walking somberly and (maybe) jason patrick smoking and squinting. i even had the dad from everybody loves raymond, peter boyle, on the plane home. dropping names is my new favorite exercise, don't you know.

i guess watching woody allen movies for years predisposed me to loving new york. i always knew i would. and i do. whew. woo.

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