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2003-09-12 | 12:04 a.m.

corduroy licorice's sister had an unfortunate mustache that bothered her so much, she paid lip service technicians to wax it biweekly.


my friend d-girl and i went to see a long-form improv show this week and had a good laugh.

my favorite part of the show involved sesame street's cookie monster going postal in public over an argument with the letter "r."

a reporter live on the scene got crowd reaction from oscar the grouch and the count, who coyly pointed at the reporter's gear and drawled, "ah-one microphone."

later, the letter r ended up in jail. one of the actors pulled up a chair across from the seated actor playing "r" and pretended to talk into a jailhouse visiting room phone.

"ssssooo ssssorrry," said the letter s through the imaginary plastic window divider. "sssoooo sssssad."

oh my gosh, it was hilarious. but maybe you had to b there.

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