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2003-09-10 | 12:12 a.m.

corduroy licorice went hiking and met a babe in the woods.


i was telling a couple of girlfriends that i have trouble "taking it up to eleven" during my improv practice. they suggested that i pretend to be someone else while i'm onstage, so that i'll be less self-conscious about going big.

then they came up with the idea that the next time i go out on the town, i should spend the whole evening acting as a fictional character with a fake name and everything.

"that's a great idea," i nodded, "but it'd figure that whoever i meet while in character might dig my fictional creation enough to ask for her number. then where would i be?"

i'm pretty sure i've seen this scenario in at least one sitcom. i don't know how long i could keep up the ruse, but it's worth a shot.

for one thing, if i got rejected it would really be the character who was getting rejected.

it calls to mind the night i kissed a stranger on a kind of vodka-fueled dare. he and i ended up giving each other new names since both felt the other didn't "look like our names." i became jenny, he became fernando. when he invited me home, i told him, "jenny's not that type of girl."

having an alter ego could become the next big trend. all the drama without the accountability. i like.

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