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2003-09-07 | 11:56 p.m.

corduroy licorice was known as the most fastidious catcher in the history of his local softball league. whenever someone would slide and get dirt on homebase, corduroy would grab a damp rag and clean his plate.


movie review:

american splendor follows the adult life of real-life comic book cult hero harvey pekar. after the first few scenes, i wasn't sure if i'd be able to stand listening to his "i just swallowed a porcupine" voice, but i got used to it. i was also a bit taken aback at the way the filmmaker inserted documentary-style interviews with the real mr. pekar into the story, but then it grew on me. paul giamatti does a splendiforous job portraying pekar (hey, oscar. take a memo.) the delightful hope davis proves the value of her worth and more (as demi would say).

the movie is grim and glum in setting and scenarios, but funny and sweet. i left feeling depressed and inspired at the same time. depressed because of the tough life harvey has lived, inspired at how he turned his run-of-the-mill doldrums into entertainment. i think most people wouldn't think stories from their daily life would fascinate others, but harvey saw a chance and took it.


tonight i had the honor of doing improv with the great misterpants and two of his comedy associates. last week he so kindly invited me to join a grand experminent in beginner improv that he has graciously premiered in his living room--much to the dismay of his cat.

i haven't done improv for a year, so felt a bit rusty and intimidated--but how else are you going to get a chance to sing "like a virgin" in downward dog pose, i ask you?

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