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corduroy licorice volunteered to handle sound at a spokesmodel casting call. it was up to him to record whatever came out of the mouths of babes.


a cautionary poem dedicated to ben affleck

maybe jiggly pasties gave you a thrill
to help wash down that box office poison pill
but benjamin, please, no twenty-dollar lapdance
is worth a lapse in your noisome romance

c'mon, benny baby, did you think a big ole rock
would keep our millionairess jenny from the block
from giving your rehabbed actor ass the drop?
son, remember, it's all about the boo props

just because her bottom's as big as kansas state
don't mean you can stop smooching it as 2003's designated mate
you think your sorry self can do better than j-lo, really?
pish. you've got a better chance to sell the sequel to gigli

don't be no daredevil when it comes to your ardor
unless you want to launch a personal pearl harbor
dawg, if your common sense you keep punting
it's your ass, not good will, j-lo'll be hunting

bronx girls don't mess, you know that's right
didn't you see her tussle with that nightstick in out of sight?
wake up, man. get it through your thick head
'cause "sexiest man alive" don't count when you're dead

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