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2003-07-31 | 11:56 p.m.

corduroy licorice felt like putting his foot down.

"how do you expect to make anything of yourself when you just hang there on the end of my right leg with those five little digits growing out of you?"


i got to see my homie from the 212 and her sister c-girl today. that was a very special treat, for real. we ate good food and talked about sweet meat and couples blending and yanking people's chains and how it's never too late. god bless girlfriends.


once i was sitting in a rented hall waiting for a wedding to begin. a man behind me was going on and on about his business and using all kinds of annoying jargon.

i turned to my friend's boyfriend who i had just met and asked:

"do you ever want to haul off and punch a complete stranger?"

fortunately, he laughed appreciatively instead of getting out of his seat and moving himself and his lady love to safety.

in the past couple of weeks i have been overcome with the urge to slug people i barely know. not to cause physical pain or injury. just to shock them enough to make them shut the hell up.

i think in the long run, it would do the both of us good.


in other news, i really miss reading proven. that boy could so throw down on the diaryland tip.

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