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2003-07-27 | 11:23 p.m.

corduroy licorice was hoping the bust he'd sculpted would win a ribbon in the art contest at school, but cooler heads prevailed.


due to popular demand, i recornered the coworker who had informed me that walk-by flirt guy was a "freak" to have her better define the term.

she started by explaining that she'd thought about our conversation afterwards and decided that she had been a bit hard on the guy. turns out he was mostly just very belligerent about client changes and very controlling, which is not something you look for in freelance help. even though i don't think the term "freak" applies here unless the word "control" is in front of it, i still was turned off by how she described him. doesn't sound like a matching mate for moi. bummer days.


movie review time

every once in awhile i have to pull my head out of the art/foreign film sand to get a load of what the huddled masses are lining up to watch at the megamultiplex. this weekend that meant a trip to see legally blonde 2: red, white and blonde.

i waited for video to see the first film and was pleasantly charmed by its hot pink, tongue-in-cheek humor. reese witherspoon is as cute as doggy skorts and i cannot deny my inner spice girl ate up the film's femininity times three.

the sequel was just as girly girly and blissfully silly. the plot was actually pretty well-conceived--simple, but neatly tied together. i could have done with a bit more of the always hilarious jennifer coolidge. when she was on-screen she stole scenes again and again. her nasally "i can't scrapbook for crap" will be added to my classic movie lines of all time list promptly. regina king gave a solid performance as elle's office archrival and had the better hairdo of the two, in my book.

my take-aways were two in number. first off, i definitely don't have enough girl power pink in my life and will take measures to correct that oversight within a fortnight. secondly, i was gosh darn inspired by elle's closing speech on capitol hill.

i don't know how to paraphrase it without sounding sappy, but her message was basically to speak up for what you believe in or shut up and swallow the consequences with a half-caf skinny latte.

in summary, two french-manicured thumbs up!

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