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2003-07-15 | 11:40 p.m.

corduroy licorice and his quaker friend were enjoying their african safari. when corduroy licorice had trouble spotting a family of lions playing near a waterfall lagoon, his buddy pointed them out: "the pride goeth before a fall."


i stayed home sick yesterday. evidently something i ate did not appreciate it.

a day home sick requires two things: a call to my former-nurse mom for words of sympathy and medical advice, plus a viewing of oprah.

it cracks me up that oprah's book club is pushing a steinbeck novel. i don't blame her staff for having to dig into the past to find worthy books. almost every time i read a contemporary novel, even the prize-winning ones, i'm disappointed on some level. the last "modern" fiction i really liked was alain de boton's on love, and that was written many moons ago.

speaking of contemporary novels, last week a friend challenged me to write one that would be autobiographical in nature. he is now the second person to tell me to write a book this year.

i don't know if i have a novel in me, but i'd be dumb not to try to find out. it's just a matter of applying ass to desk chair and fingers to keys, right?

i've already come up with the title:

abstinence chose me:
one woman's story

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