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2003-07-14 | 1:08 a.m.

corduroy licorice loved art rock from the 1970s. all his friends knew he was a yes man.


i may not say this again anytime soon, but i want to get it out while i can say it with true sincerity.

men are great.

i don't know what we'd do without them. i know there are some glaring exceptions, but there are a lot of good ones roaming the streets. it's just that the bad ones get more press.

if nothing else, their "otherness" showcases us womenfolk's femaleness, like an ornate frame on a masterwork. now ain't that nice.


there are few things as subjective as a person's taste in movies. that said, i was really disappointed in an indie flick that's been getting rave reviews.

it's a film shot on digital video by erik byler called charlotte sometimes, which is about as pretentious a title as you're gonna come across at the multiplex.

the thing to celebrate here is that the film features three asian actors in the lead romantic roles. and this ain't no culture-infused the joy luck club. this is a plain old love triangle story that could have been played by actors of any race. it's just cool that someone is representing asian-american people in their everyday lives--something of a rarity in hollywood.

another fun aspect as an l.a. resident was to spot some local landmarks in the film, like the club called spaceland where i've sipped a few vodka cranberries in my day.

i was really looking forward to this film, which has a been called the next sex, lies and videotape.

i beg to differ. while they share a voyeuristic, handmade feeling and thoughtfully spare moments, the acting in soderbergh's film is heads and shoulders above that in this one. the script also founders at points, leaving the feeling that important scenes were left on the cutting room hard drive.

in the plus column: a drool-worthy lead actor named michael idemoto and charming music by cody chestnutt, whose album the headphone masterpiece i will definitely be seeking out.

while the movie didn't live up to my expectations, anyone who can make a successful film for a few thousand dollars in under two weeks deserves praise.

so a big booya to ya, byler.

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