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2003-07-07 | 9:33 p.m.

corduroy licorice wanted to marry rich, but gay weddings were not allowed in his state.


a quote from american idol legend kelly clarkson regarding her recent trip to the u.k. (from us magazine):

"yeah, i'm really happy to be back in america. they have really bad food [in england]. i'm sorry. like, i didn't eat the whole time. because, like, all i ate was bread and even their bread tastes different."


i'm back from vacation and better than ever...but more or less equivalent to ezra.

it's funny what a change of routine and scenery can do for a foo. especially a taurean rut lover like moi.

everything was green in washington, unlike l.a. where only dead presidents and shot glasses full of wheatgrass juice add a dab of verde during the summer.

a round robin visit of my mom's retired friends gave me a unwanted, yet robust knowledge of what lies ahead for me in the golden years. aches, pains, surgeries and memory loss, but usually not any memory loss about aches, pains or surgeries. despite their maladies, i can't help being envious of these folks who can putter about at their leisure. what a life.

"i think i'll walk the dog today."

"i think i'll play golf again tomorrow."

"let's go to the four o'clock movie, so we can be home before dark."

"we're eligible for the senior discount at the museum, you know."

i can hang with all of that. colonoscopies, early bird dinner specials, the whole nine. nine to five shenanigans should be left to younger whippersnappers, if you ask me.

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