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2003-06-15 | 11:42 p.m.

corduroy licorice wasn't sure of the difference between a lope and a swagger. where's a walking encyclopedia when you need one?


political update:

i heard a silly joke on npr that made me chuckle. it was screened on the t-shirt of a democrat.

"what's the best term for president bush?"

"one term."

booya! the same report also mentioned that a group of democrats are trying to get gore to run again. so far, his only reply to their request was to send them autographed pictures of himself.

c'mon al, baby. pretty please?


dating update:

white noise guy hasn't replied to my e-mail sent through the online dating site, so probably won't. maybe he couldn't hear the "you've got mail!" prompt over the murmur of his bedroom fan. hey, i give me props for "putting myself out there" one more time. ya never know. gotta dance like you've never been hurt before and love like nobody's watching. or something.

movie update:

whale rider is a family movie in the best sense and i hope all kinds of parents take their mini-me's to see it. the movie tells the tale of a stout-hearted, wise-headed little maori girl growing up in new zealand who tries to earn her grandpa's approval by studying the tribal rituals usually performed by the male members of the culture.

a bit of mysticism, an amazing young star, heart-tugging sadness and gentle humor add up to a satisfying film that fires on all cylinders--like the disney live action movies used to way back in the day. spielberg would be proud.

capturing the friedmans is a disturbing documentary that tracks the collapse of a family as its father and youngest son face child molestation charges (circa late 1980s).

what makes this film even more remarkable is that the friedman family were fiends about filming themselves. first with home movies during the three sons' childhoods and then with the videotapes the oldest son shot from the time the charges were pressed to the final verdict.

dysfunction is a term thrown about a lot in pop psychology, but this film disects the concept. as a result, it reveals the damage done by dysfunction is deeper than the naked eye can detect. and not just in families, but in our judicial system. sad and sobering with moments of strained humor. see it and thoughts will be provoked.

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