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2003-06-12 | 9:57 p.m.

it was time for the annual company picnic and corduroy licorice wanted his team to win the sack race. unfortunately the fastest runner in his group suffered from claustrophobia, so getting her in the sack would be the toughest part.


i have a secret admirer.


today i walked away from my desk and returned to find a homemade cd propped between the consonants on my keyboard. the white paper sleeve and the cd within it were magic markered with dr.seussy stripes and little hearts.

in the breaking case of the caseless cd, there were two prime suspects. both had priors and a motive. the first was tv zero who occasionally bestows freshly burned cd treats upon me. the second was sxb, who has made himself the male amelie of the office, dropping little "love notes" here and there to intrigue the receivers and give them a little serendipitous glow. since the cd itself contained the soundtrack from the film amelie, it seemed even more likely he had leprechauned it onto my imac in my absence.

but both denied it. i don't think they're pulling the wool over my eyes. tv floated the secret admirer theory, and i'm willing to entertain it.

it was nice to add some frenchy flair to my workaday ears, whether a lothario is behind the caper or not. i could imagine myself whizzing away on a vespa in the parisian breeze instead of typing away at my plastic keys.


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