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2003-06-11 | 10:36 p.m.

corduroy licorice wasn't invited to the fishing trip until he offered to buy the bait. it wasn't the first time he'd wormed his way in.


a quote from rapper 50 cent from entertainment weekly:

"how many newspapers do you think get sold a day worldwide? ain't shit positive in none of them. maybe sunday in the entertainment section. everything else is about who did some shit they weren't supposed to do. people want to see that."


here's my two cents:

contemplation's lacking in the nation.
distraction brings more satisfaction.
ignoring the gathering storm that forms.
big screen. big dreams. big schemes. big fiends.
the net net?
awareness traded in for never-a-careness.
bling bling. ring ring. cha ching.
you think it's all real?
wait 'til you get the bill.


ok. fine. i e-mailed the white noise dude. i almost didn't in anticipation of stumbling beginnings and bad endings, but i don't want to be a chicken baby. heck, it only cost $1. and a little bit of my soul.

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