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2003-06-09 | 12:12 a.m.

corduroy licorice and his friend victor worked in the produce section. every shift one of them would have to restock while the other gathered up any rotten fruit and vegetables. corduroy had an aversion to produce gone bad, so to victor went the spoils.


this weekend involved a delicious dinner with three of my lovely friends. p-girl had deemed the fabulous restaurant a "sex and the city"-type haunt, so we decided to figure out which character from the show each of us would be.

i got to be carrie, because of the writing connection. ka-girl got to be charlotte because of her sweetness, but neither k-girl or p-girl seemed to fit the bitchy miranda or slutty samantha roles at all.

while our tv show tie-in didn't pan out, the meatloaf i ordered must have come from a pan blessed by the gods. comfort food of the highest order. hurrah!

the next night, d-girl took me to see the matrix reloaded, which was a great action flick. i liked the first one better and missed the cool '70s style that popped up in it, but this was a fun ride.

keanu can't act, but is still perfect for the role. his face could launch a thousand ships, although his lips have trouble launching the simplest of lines. it couldn't matter less for this special effects orgy. lawrence fishburne remains the prime minister of cool and jada pinkett smith looked amazing. the most colorful performances were turned in by lambert wilson and monica bellucci as a husband and wife at odds.

my favorite part was when keanu was in a room full of tv screens being learned about the grotesqueness of certain human acts through history and an image of dubya flickered across the screens at that moment. love it. mean it.


i've been dipping my toe into the online dating line-up lately without anyone making me feel like taking a dive.

there is one guy's profile that i've read a couple of times. i'm working up the nerve to e-mail him. for some reason, i'm hesistating. when a couple of friends asked why, i finally came to the most logical conclusion: i don't want to be disappointed.

i'm starting to wonder if i'm meant to mate. since i'm not planning on kids, is there a point to dating? seems like a lot of sturm und drang for a little somethin' somethin'.

there is one other thing holding me back about writing to this guy. something so small, it will probably induce tsk-tsks out of those who hear it.

you see, the profile form that potential dates fill out with this service has a question "what's in your bedroom?" his answer takes the form of a list. on the list is the item "a fan for white noise."

a seemingly innocuous statement one would presume. however, this time-travels me back to my first boyfriend who was very fussy at the slightest distraction of sound at nighty-nighty time. i'm suddenly reminded of other little fussiness he exhibited and don't want to go back there again.

tsk-tsk. i know. but why did he mention that if it wasn't important to him? i'm telling you, reading between the lines can save us online dating types a lot of trouble.

a long-time ago a friend of desert storm's replied to the question of if was he dating anyone with: "nah. i don't need that noise."

i relate more and more to that philosophy, even though it appalled me when i first heard it.

now i'm thinking i don't need that white noise.

what i need is some more of that hoity-toity meatloaf.

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