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2003-06-01 | 10:17 p.m.

after stamping and scraping his boots on it all winter long, corduroy licorice finally wore out his welcome mat.


the phrase "egregiously ill-written" was used to describe a recent bestselling novel in a review i read this weekend. that made me laugh outloud. egregiously ill-written. what a snazzy way to say "sucks literary ass."


i don't like getting to movies too early, but i've been on a timely streak lately. i mostly don't like it because it means i may finish my popcorn while the dumb movie trivia slides are still flipping by. the other bummer about it is that it's hard to sit strategically when so many people are still filtering in, trying to surround you with their sotto voce buzzing and chair kicking. argh.

as a radio commercial i heard recently said, "don't punish yourself. that's what other people are for."


movie review time:

this weekend i saw cédric klapisch's l'auberge espagnole. mostly because it seemed harmless enough. a sunny french comedy for a sunny saturday afternoon.

much like a pastry, it was attractive, sweet and left me with a good feeling inside. also like a pastry, it wasn't too substantial. not one of those films that stays with you or nothing. unless you count the feeling of regret it gave me for having never studied abroad.

the film is about a french graduate student who transfers to a school in barcelona to broaden his international economics brain power in order to guarantee a spot in a monolithic corporation after graduation.

once in barcelona, he moves into a crowded apartment that resembles a 20-something united nations. between studying and trying not to miss his gal back home (the occasionally appearing, now-painfully-skinny audrey tautou--one shot showing her bony little knees made me want to hurl), he mixes and mingles with his charming roomies and faces temptations of other lovely lasses who cross his path.

the phrase "light-hearted romp" comes to mind. as a side note, i never could figure out why our hero was such a success with the ladies since he seemed to be more of an observer than a compelling character.

all in all, it was a feel-good film with a "can't we all just get along?" international optimism that did my heart more good than any of the thinly laced romantic plotlines.

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