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2003-05-26 | 11:37 p.m.

corduroy licorice's biology lab partner passed out while they were dissecting a frog in class. her collapse was so spectacular, when she came to, corduroy felt compelled to give her faint praise.


movie review:

i only saw one movie this holiday weekend, which isn't like me. i'm trying to be more fiscally responsible and ish, but it was more that there weren't many movies out there calling my name.

to make sure my 3-dayer wasn't flickless, i saw an movie called blue car. (i'm too lazy to link it or look up the credits.) it felt like the writer/director's first film--quaintly personal, yet too apt to make predictable, melodramatic choices here and there.

it tells the story of a high school girl from a broken home who is drawn to her kind, but weak and flesh-willing poetry teacher. she is struggling to deal with an overworked, neglectful mom, a little sister who likes to hurt herself, a dad who is basically out of the picture, as well as her burgeoning sexuality, sense of identity, yadda, yadda, yadda. in the plus column, it was nicely acted and plainly addressed the pain and turmoil divorce can deliver. its quiet, tactile details were much more moving than than its overdrawn moments.


while not not watching movies, i ended up going out with friends three nights in a row. i haven't done that since the dawn of the new millenium. thankfully, the holiday meant i could sleep in to make up for the frolicking.

a celebrity sighting occurred: the american pie guy in a dorky fleece vest with his hand on the denim-clad inner thigh of an apparent bottle blonde groupie. i guess he's over doing desserts for good.

i also got the lefthanded compliment of getting "asked about" by an abstract artist friend of a friend's boyfriend after a beach bonfire get-together. evidently, his relationship with the "first date" girl he had invited to the beach party didn't survive the weekend.

since i had talked to his female sidekick more than him, i had the odd feeling that i'd be going behind her now-absent back if i did give him my number. luckily, i didn't feel an attraction, so my ethical gray area didn't have to be painted over. sometimes it's tough to be a los angeleno bon vivant, let me tell you.

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